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January 11, 2012 • Events, News

Waterproof Protection from the Inside Out: HzO Technology Coming to a Smartphone Near You


Here is one of the biggest finds of CES so far. We’ve seen a number of companies that are offering new technologies that will waterproof electronic devices but the technology HzO is bringing to market is different. And better…



HzO Sample Images 4

While other companies are coating devices from the inside out HzO’s technology, called WaterBlock, is a thin film nano-coating INSIDE that provides “a near invisible layer of protection over vital electronic circuitry”. The system actually protects the electronics interior and lets the water inside the device while preventing it from actually coming into contact with the vulnerable technology.

We recorded a video of it in action and while we will have more to say later we wanted to give you a chance to see it in action.

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