Old Cables to the Rescue!


I wrote yesterday about my first impressions of the Case-Mate Phantom for the iPhone 4s, and I pointed out that it was new and therefore in the “new accessory honeymoon phase”. Last night I discovered a potential issue, but luckily for me, the legacy of the original iPhone came to the rescue!

See, the original iPhone had a very recessed headphone jack. It fit normal 3.5in headphones, but only if they had a very slim plug design. Anything not supermodel-skinny didn’t fit. Of course accessory manufacturers stepped right up, and when I had my original iPhone I used a $10 Belkin adapter to connect my tiny headphone port to my normal size headphones.

So how did the original iPhone’s accessory help me out last night? I hopped in my car to drive to a meeting, all excited to crank Pandora and rock out along the Garden State Parkway. Unfortunately, the auxiliary cord to my car stereo was too fat for the Phantom case’s headset port. As soon as I realized that, I started digging around in my center console. At the bottom, underneath a nest of chargers for phones I haven’t used in years, was that cheap Belkin headset adapter for the original iPhone. I popped it on the end of the auxiliary cord and it fit perfectly in the Phantom’s cutout.

And Sarah says I should clean out my car?! Clearly being a tech pack rat has its advantages!

Have you ever been rescued by an old accessory? Is your cable junk drawer more extensive than Radio Shack, for those “just in case” moments? Let us know in the comments!

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