Belkin Portable Power Pack 1000 Cell Phone Charger Review

Belkin Portable Power Pack 1000 Cell Phone Charger Review

One of the biggest problems with our ever-growing love of smartphones … is that everything we do with them seems to consume more and more battery. As a result we are always struggling with the battery life of our smartphones. As a result we keep chargers in our offices, our cars, and so on. But what about when you are on the go and don’t have access to a wall plug – or are in an airport where everyone is huddled around the few remaining outlets? Belkin seeks to solve this with the Portable Power Pack 1000 – let’s see how it works!
The Hype:

Up to 5-10 Hours of additional talk time.
Up to 10-50 Hours of additional music playback.
Over one time fully charging for MP3, Bluetooth headset.
Supports cell phone, MP3, Bluetooth headset

The Reality:

There are many mobile solutions for added battery life – extended batteries that add bulk and weight to a phone (and as removable batteries become less common this option is fading), cases with batteries attached that also add bulk, and USB battery packs. The Belkin unit is the last type, offering a portable way to ‘plug in’ to get some extra juice on the go!

Belkin Portable Power Pack 1000 Cell Phone Charger Review

It is worth noting the dimensions of the Belkin Portable Power Pack – 3 x 1.7 x 0.4 inches, and with a weight of 1.3 ounces. What this means is that you can easily toss this in a jacket pocket or bag without adding any bulk. And since the best accessories are the ones you can easily carry – that makes this a winner.

Belkin Portable Power Pack 1000 Cell Phone Charger Review

Using the Belkin Portable Power Pack couldn’t be simpler: you plug into any standard mini-USB charger to top up the Belkin, then toss it along with the 6″ USB cable into your jacket or bag. When you are out and about and need to charge your cell phone, simply plug the standard USB connector into the Belkin and the mini-USB into your phone, press the power button and your phone should recognize the charge instantly.

The capacity is 1000mAh, which means you won’t have enough to totally refill a smartphone, but it can provide a significant enough charge that you will get several hours more use from your device – and if you just have it in standby it should last the rest of the day.

As I show in the video, using the Belkin device is simple and does exactly what it advertises – it is a small external charger that gives you added life for your mobile products on the go. And in these days of mobile video and 4G connections … our smartphones need all the help they can get!

Here is a hands-on video:

The Belkin Portable Power Pack 1000 is available directly from Belkin as well as our AmazonBelkin Portable Power Pack 1000 Cell Phone Charger Review affiliate store.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Simple design makes use easy; solid construction; ultra-small and light to always stay with you

What Needs Improvement: Nothing on the Belkin to indicate remaining power when you are charging

Source: Publisher provided review unit

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