Corning Unveils ‘A Day Made of Glass 2’

Corning Unveils 'A Day Made of Glass 2'

Companies make promotional videos all the time, called commercials. But when they present a vision of the future it is a lot more fun to watch. Last year Corning produced ‘A Day Made of Glass’ that was a fun semi-futuristic look at the day in the life of a family aided by a number of technologies that integrated seamlessly with everything they did. Not coincidentally – everything was made out of glass … and in an area where Corning has commercial products.

But the original was a huge hit for the same reason that I remember watching all of those ‘home of the future’ things as a kid – it is cool to try to look into the future.

Corning has also produced a longer video called ‘unpacked’ that goes behind the making of the video:

Note – the ‘unpacked’ video does go behind the scenes, and tells what is possible now compared to what is not, but it is also much more of a ‘commercial’ for Corning technologies.


[Full disclosure: I work for Corning as a statistician, but this post is intended just to highlight the cool ‘future vision’ of the video.]

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