Appy Award Nominations Deadline Extended to February 17

Appy Award Nominations Deadline Extended to February 17Nominations and voting for the annual Appy Awards have been extended until Friday February 17th, so show your favorite some love on Valentine’s week. Add an entry at see who wins on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 in San Francisco, immediately following the first day of the OMMA Global super-conference. All entries are eligible to become the “Featured App of the Week” on MediaPost’s Appy Awards website. The judges include Justin Cinicolo, Mobile General Manager, Zynga; Giordano Contestabile, Franchise Business Director – Bejeweled, PopCap Games and Chuck Martin Director, Center for Media Research.

Don’t know where to start? Here are the categories:

  • Books
    Any App containing content or aiding the access of content from one or more books of any genre.
  • Branded Content App
  • Branded Gaming App
  • Business
  • Business Media App
  • Cooking
    Any App pertaining to cooking news/information/recipes/sharing.
  • Communication
    Any App whose primary function is to facilitate communication between consumers using any and all platforms and devices.
  • Consumer Magazine/Newspaper App
  • Education
    Any App whose primary function is to inform or educate about a given subject, product or service.
  • Entertainment: Professional Content
    Any App created by a professional content creator or media company whose primary purpose is to entertain. Includes Apps about TV, film, music, or gaming.
  • Family/Parenting
  • Finance
    Any App whose primary function is to disseminate financial news, information or services.
  • Games: Action/Arcade
  • Games: Board/Puzzle
  • Games: Educational/Family/Kids
  • Games: Sports
  • Healthcare & Fitness
    Any Application whose primary function is to publish news and information about health & fitness, or that assists in health & fitness in any way.
  • iPad Publishing
    Any downloadable editorial content App of any genre programmed specifically for the iPad
  • Lifestyle
    Any App that caters to, promotes, or enriches a specific way of life
  • Location or Place-Based App
  • Mapping/Location-Based
    Any location-based App whose primary function is to assist with navigation.
  • Mapping/Navigation
  • Marketing/Branding/Advertising
    Any App whose primary function is to advertise or make the end user aware of a marketer’s product or service.
  • Medical
    Any App about medical news and information or that assists with the gathering of medical data.
  • Multicultural Media App
  • Music
    Any App that plays music or enhances the experience of playing music through either discovery or utility.
  • News
    Any App whose primary function is to disseminate general news and information.
  • Photography
    Any App whose primary function is to either enhance or assist in the editing of photographs.
  • Privacy/Online Security
    Any app whose primary function is to safeguard private information, protect vulnerable users, reduce spam or viruses threat, or educate users about online personal safety.
  • Productivity
    Any App whose primary function is to enhance productivity in some way. Examples include list making, note taking and personal assistant Apps.
  • Reference
    Any App that provides reference material, data and/or cataloged information to the public. Includes reference guides, and Apps whose primary function is to distribute user or editorial reviews.
  • Retail
    Any App that drives direct retail purchases and/or promotes offline purchases.
  • Search Tools
  • Social Networking
    Any App that lets users create profiles, build a network of friends and share information, photos, videos and other media.
  • Sports
    Any App whose primary function is to cover sports news, sports culture, sports teams, statistics, data, sports events, sports history, and/or fantasy sports.
  • Television/Video App
  • Travel
    Apps developed for airlines, hotels, travel search engines, destinations, cruises, travel advice and/or car rentals.
  • Utilities
    Any App that turns your mobile device into some kind of utility (e.g. a mouse pad or a flashlight) or adds some kind of utility to your device (e.g. a camera light or Wi-Fi locator).
  • Weather
    Any App whose primary function is to publish weather reports, news or updates.
  • Wildcard
    Any App that doesn’t fit into any of the given Appy categories.

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