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March 8, 2012 • Gear Bits

The Best of Fake Science Celebrates Two Years of Being Not Even Remotely Correct!

I hae always had a natural curiosity for everything scientific … which likely makes sense given my day job! But as I have grown up and see my kids learning science, there are many things that were thought to be true back then that have changed since: things like our view of how dinosaurs lived and moved – and even what they were based on has shifted from lizards to birds!

As we learned more and more arcane and esoteric topics, it became fun to fashion some incorrect but plausible explanation to amuse ourselves – or really outlandish ideas just for laughs!

That seems to be the basis behind the awesome Tumblr called ‘Fake Science’. The site began two years ago and has been going strong, with loads of incorrect explanations and made up stories depicted in a way that makes them seem like they might just be true!

BuzzFeed had a one year ‘best of’ feature, and now they are back with a second run of cool things from the Tumblr!

Check out one of the features above for a cool summary, or head to the main feed for the full massive list!

Source: BuzzFeed

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