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March 15, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Learn Music With the Artists Using Jammit’s Unique Layered Approach!

When I was first learning to play guitar and bass, picking up songs meant rewinding a tape over and over again or manually repositioning the needle. Then you would have to pick out the part you were learning in a typically heavily layered production. With the digital age you can at least manipulate the playback to only hear the sections you want and repeat at will … but the rest gets tricky.

Enter Jammit. Jammit is a service that provides you with everything you need to learn a song – sheet music with full professional transcriptions, tablature as well as standard notation, and audio that is tracked out to allow you to focus on each separate instrument. It is pretty amazing stuff and works with the artists themselves to ensure accuracy. Here are some details on how it all works:

Create your Account
It’s easy and it’s FREE! Why Sign Up? Any purchases that you make are entitled to your Jammit account and can be used on up to three different devices

Download the App
Free Download
– iOS 5 Version 2.1.2 for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch
– Mac OS X Version 1.0.2
– Coming Soon Windows Version 1.0.0

Browse for Songs
Select the STORE button in the app or go to the store here at to buy songs, redeem coupons & get special pricing

You can redeem your coupon code at the checkout stage of your purchase

Download Purchases
After installation, use your Jammit account username & password to sign into the app
Select download or check purchases to get your purchased songs into the app

That is a fairly dry process, really the best way to see how beneficial this would be for learning songs is to see it in action. Here is a video showing how the system works with the newly released ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush:

The songs cost between $1.99 and $3.99 each, with some songs on sale for $0.99. Also, as part of the free download you get a Rush song as a demo to try things out!

Head to to get started and learn more details!

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