Bracketron Universal Power Dock Pro Flex Review

Bracketron Universal Power Dock Pro Flex Review

One thing that is true for all smartphone users is that an opportunity to charge the device must not be passed on! And the perfect time to power-up is when in a vehicle. I never drive anywhere without first plugging in so I can get as much juice as possible. When charging in a vehicle, there is always an issue of where to set the phone. Sometimes my iPhone ends up in a cup holder or on the seat, and at times it might even sit in my lap so I can answer calls or change songs if need be.

Long ago I tried some products that charged the phone and held it up for viewing via a flexible neck. While the idea was great, the phone dock did not fit well and it wore out quickly. Bracketron recently offered the chance to review their Universal Power Dock Pro Flex, and I had to give it a try. The product seemed to contain some of the things I liked while eliminating what seemed to cause problems with the other products.

Did the design solve the issues? Let’s take a look.

Bracketron Universal Power Dock Pro Flex Review

Quick Overview

  • Universal holder with flexible neck design features 360° rotation and smart grip feet for optimal mounting and viewing angles while providing full access to all controls and ports.
  • PowerGrip arms securely hold the mount in your 12V port
  • High output (5V, 1.5A) USB port
  • Durable, molded high impact plastic construction with soft touch finish
  • Works with any USB cable provided with your handheld device
  • Micro USB to USB cable included

Product Description

The ideal hands-free solution to quickly, easily and securely mount and power your smartphone or other mobile devices in your car.
Our exclusive Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex with 12V USB port allows you to securely mount and charge your smartphone while you’re on the road.
Bracketron Universal Power Dock Pro Flex Review
The packaging comes with the dock and a Micro USB charging cable. The product is completely assembled and ready to be plugged in so you can start charging. The addition of the cable is nice, but it would have been sweet if an iPhone compatible cable was included. The dock fits in any 12v car adapter and is designed to hold the weight of most any smartphone. Some of the products I tried in the past did not handle an iPhone well, but it holds tight in the Bracketron dock.
Bracketron Universal Power Dock Pro Flex Review
When using it as a charger, you’ll simply plug the USB charging cable that mounts the device and plug in. The LED power indicator light will assure the unit is being powered. A flexible neck ensures the dock will be usable in just about any vehicle. In my tests, the neck bends and holds its position easily in both mine and my wife’s vehicles. The adjustable arms and smart grip feet are what makes the product universal. The arms change size easily, making switching out to just about any phone — and most MP3 devices — quick and easy; you can also rotate 360 degrees to set any orientation.
I have been impressed with the Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex by Bracketron. My iPhone is in view and easily accessible for answering calls and changing music. The ability to charge any USB device, along with the adjustments to fit nearly any device,makes the product a long-term investment. Changing phones, or even upgrading to a newer design of your current phones, won’t be a hassle because just about every device is guaranteed to be compatible with the dock. The flexible arm allows your phone to be in virtually any desired position while doubling as a charger. I can now easily answer calls, talk hands free and change songs safely. This is a must have for anyone who does any driving.
MSRP: $34.95
What I Like: My phone is held safely and securely while charging; it fits virtually any phone.
What Needs Improvement: I always have a double USB charger in my truck for guests to charge; adding another plug would be great.

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