Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

As we approach summer, I had to keep with last week’s theme to celebrate baseball season. Not to gloat…but yeah I will…my 1st grader ripped a double in the first inning of his last baseball game this weekend! The game of baseball brings me back to a wonderful time in my life that shaped who I am today. If you have already mastered Flick Home Run! and looking for a more complete baseball game for iOS, I have found the solution. Baseball Superstars 2012 can take you back to those awesome summer days as a ball player as well as take you back to a time when baseball video games were simple, yet fun. Let’s take a look.

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

See more, play better – Enhanced details and clarity make an eye-opening ballgame optimized for Retina displays.

New gesture and tilt controls allow intuitive pitching and batting. Smart AI teammates make exciting baseball plays, split-second catches and laser-precision throws.

Customize your team logo, stadium, uniform and equipment. Recruit, combine and level up players to assemble the best team.

Train to earn skill points, new special moves and stat-boosting nicknames as you rise from rookie to Superstar.

Go up against other users’ teams around the world in PVP matches.

Meet the challenges of new super players to have them join your team. Go after the multiple story endings and over 30 Game Center achievements.

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

Baseball Superstars 2012 has an old school platform game feel but adds clear colorful graphics to make the game modern. The characters are individualized in appearance as well as skill and each team has different strengths. Various pitchers have different styles and wind ups and each batter has different looks and skill levels. Some of the new sports games seem so worried about the realistic look and physics of the games, they forget to add in fun. There is something to say for an old-fashioned arcade style baseball game that is just plain enjoyable.

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

I was concerned with controls since the iPhone is such a small form factor. While on defense, players usually have to pitch, field and throw runners out. That is a lot of movement on a tiny screen. Batters have to swing and control all of the runners. Baseball Superstars 2012 takes care of that problem by only requiring the pitching and hitting. While that may sound boring, it is actually the two best parts of playing a baseball video game and is quite enjoyable.

Batting takes a bit of practice, but becomes a lot of fun quickly. A target area appears in the strike zone and must match up with the target of the ball when it reaches the hitting zone. To line up the target simply tilt the screen to move it to the desired location. Tap the screen to swing. If the target is in line with the ball and the timing is correct, the ball will be hit. The game does a good job of adjusting the flight of the ball according to where contact is made. Time all of it perfect and a cool animation will reward you with a home run.

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

Each player has different pitching abilities and even pitch choices. The ball is pitched by swiping or tapping a grid that appears before the wind up. There is usually four pitches available plus a fastball and each pitch is listed on the bottom of the screen with instructions on how to throw it. Pitch selection and placement is key against the computer. I noticed the batter will punish you if the same pitch or spot is used over and over. Just like real baseball.

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

There are plenty of game modes, power ups and super players to unlock during the game to keep it fresh. You can even choose a team and train them to increase their abilities. All of that aside, Baseball Superstars 2012 is just plain fun. It boils down to timing at the plate and begin tricky on the mound just like a real baseball game. Go get the game here in the app store for free and get your summer started right on the baseball diamond.

What I like: Old fashioned arcade baseball fun!

What can be improved: If I quit the app and come back later, I often have to restart a game. Not good when you are winning in the 7th inning.

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

We are all feeling the financial pinch! Blue Plate Special is a weekly review of bargain apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Nothing over $.99.

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4. Smoothen the edges with smoothen tool inside the app, if required.
5. Move, Scale, Resize, Rotate, Flip the foreground to place it on the right location on the background image.
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You can also use this tool to do serious photo editing tasks like blending textures or overlaying borders or to do double exposure with adjustable transparency and 18 blending modes.

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Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

Puppet War HD

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Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

SoundBox for YouTube

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YouTube has transformed the music industry, with an infinite amount of free music. Soundbox transforms the way you listen to music on YouTube.

Soundbox is
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NOTE: This version is currently only supported by iOS 5 and above.

Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone and Touch

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