The Secrets to Beauty in One Simple Video!

The Secrets to Beauty in One Simple Video!

It is not a secret that Photoshop enables magazines to make people look like idealized versions of themselves. In the world of photographic manipulation, no one has wrinkles, or pimples, or unsightly beads of sweat on hot days. Everyone is skinny and muscular, and clothes fit perfectly. In addition to being wildly unrealistic, it’s always ripe for parody, and Forbes shared a video that perfectly nails the absurdity of it:

Fotoshop by Adobé is hysterical, and I love how it takes on not only Photoshop but the entire beauty industry. We are bombarded daily by commercials for chemicals that hide imperfections, and magazines just reinforce that with manipulated images. And as much as that’s common knowledge, it still creates an impossible bar, especially for young women. This video is funny but bittersweet, and should be required viewing for anyone who has ever walked past a rack of magazines and thought “Why don’t I look like that?”

Via Forbes


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