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July 24, 2012 • Gear Bits

GoodBye Shake-Weight, Hello Ace Power!

In terms of ideas that must have seemed great on paper but in reality is so totally sexually suggestive that it can never be taken seriously, it seemed difficult to replace the Shake Weight – which has a great prank video here, but really is perfectly hilarious in the actual TV ad.

Well… apparently some folks in Korea have been hard at work, and have come up with a great new idea – something that simulates the great workout available through horse riding, as well as a number of other leg-hip-thigh exercise variation.

Oh, and it totally looks like you are having sex. In fact, the person who sent me this informed me that they DO in fact make a machine similar to this that is actually a sexual device. Oh, just watch the video!

Here is the description from the YouTube post:

From Korea, for those who like to ride horses in front of their TV and in the comfort of their own home. For all family members, this home mechanical equestrian system will meet all the family’s needs. It helps to “fitness” you up! And reach health goals! Live longer for now! Be your Ace Power!!

And just as a reminder of the greatness of the Shake Weight, here is Kaley Cuoco on the Ellen show revealing that she had ordered a Shake Weight … then trying to use it in a way that ‘doesn’t look dirty’:

I wonder how long before the Ace Power hits the talk show mainstream?

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  1. dancohen says:

    OMG I had not seen the Ellen bit but I’ve been laughing out loud the entire time. Especially the innocent “Oh this brings back such memories…”

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