Storybundle Brings Indie eBooks, Readers, and “Pay What You Want” Bundles Together

Storybundle Brings Indie eBooks, Readers, and "Pay What You Want" Bundles Together

When I was a kid I was a voracious reader. Obviously I still am, but when I was 11 my parents had a harder time keeping up with my reading habits. I distinctly remember being over the moon with excitement the day my mom signed me up for “The Science Fiction Book Club”, a discount mail order service that got me several free books as gifts with membership, plus a new book each month! In fact, I think I still have some of those books in a box in my parent’s basement. Anyway, I can’t help but consider the legacy of the “Science Fiction Book Club” when I look at the new “Storybundle” offering,

The concept is simple. Five independently published books are being offered, and you can “choose your price”. If you pay more than $7, you get two “bonus books” along with the main five. This is actually a pretty good deal; even if not all independent books are of equal quality, there’s bound to be a few of the five (or seven!) titles that make the whole bundle worthwhile.

This round is all sci-fi themed, and it has a few intriguing options:

  • Undersea, by Geoffrey Morrison
  • Journey to Hart’s Halo, by Lou Hood
  • John Gone, by Michael Kayatta
  • Bypass Gemini, by Joseph Lallo
  • The Heretic, by Joseph Nasise
  • Unstable Prototypes, by Joseph Lallo (BONUS TITLE)
  • Missing Signals, by Michael Kayatta (BONUS TITLE)

The books are all DRM-free, which is great. Even better, you can designate that a portion of the proceeds from your purchase go to either a literacy charity or an environmental one (Mighty Writer or Trees for the Future). So let’s review: Support independent authors. Give a portion of the proceeds to great charities. Set your own price for the whole package. Awesome, right? So why are you still reading this? Head over to Storybundle and buy your books today!


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