You Should REALLY Be Watching Wil Wheaton’s ‘TableTop’ Series!

You Should REALLY Be Watching Wil Wheaton's 'TableTop' Series!

Yesterday afternoon I had some time before taking Chris to his piano lesson, and I fired up the latest edition of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop, this week featuring the game ‘Say Anything’ (Amazon link). Soon I had both boys pulling up chairs and thoroughly enjoying watch someone else play a board game.

Here is the basis of the show:

My ulterior motive with Tabletop is to show by example how much fun it is to play boardgames. I want to show that Gamers aren’t all a bunch of weirdoes who can’t make eye contact when they talk to you, and that getting together for a game night is just as social and awesome as getting together to watch Sportsball, or to play poker, or for a LAN party, or whatever non-gamers do with their friends. I want to inspire people to try hobby games, and I want to remove the stigma associated with gaming and gamers.

The setup is as simple as it sounds – Wil explains the basis of the game and how it is played, the three guests introduce themselves … and the game is played!

Here is the video for this week’s game:

The great thing is that although you are basically watching someone else play a game, it is FUN. These are all enjoyable personalities, you learn a new game or perhaps look at an old one in a new way, and there is always some backstory between characters or Star Trek references or some other thing that takes it beyond just watching a game!

Head to TableTop to check it all out!

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