Cobra Wallet is a Modern Wallet that Compliments Your Phone


Project Title: Cobra Wallet: A modern wallet that compliments your phone

Status: Open

Closing Date for Funding: October 21, 2012

URL of the Project: Find it here.

From the Creatives:

The Cobra Wallet: We are entrepreneurs and frequent travelers. Josh works day to day with CAD models to bring hardware designs to life. Alex works day to day with product design and software.

We spent years searching for the perfect wallet and since we couldn’t find it, we decided to design it ourselves. The Cobra Wallet has fine curves, designed to match your phone. It’s under half an inch thin and can hold at least 8 cards and a couple bills.

The wallet is inspired by the industrial design of modern mobile devices and our experiences with using over a dozen different wallets and card cases. Now let’s take a look at specific areas of the wallet.

The Form Factor and Materials: Most phones either have a curved back or a very thin profile. These form factors help minimize the phone’s outline in the pant pocket. We chose to go with the back curved form factor for the wallet, because it does two things: 1) the curved part hides well from the outside perspective by reducing pant creases, and 2) the flat part holds well against the leg. By having one side flat, the wallet is held consistently in the pocket, so when you take it out you’ll know in what order to expect the cards without thinking about it!

The Cobra Wallet has two 316 stainless steel cores for rigidity, corrosion resistance, and RFID protection. The stainless steel is spring tempered to allow the wallet to flex and snap back into the right shape. The cores also form the hinge and clasp so you can be sure that they will last. The cores are covered with a unique plastic material called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is commonly used in cell phone cases. TPU is the perfect material for a wallet! A plastic material that is flexible yet is durable and has excellent resistance to abrasion, oils, and grease. This plastic skin gives the Cobra Wallet its curved shape, smooth finish, and a perfect fit in the pocket.

Who at Gear Diary Backed It: Dan

At What Level Did We Back: I backed for $39 which gets me a classic Cobra Wallet.

Why We Backed It: The wallet looks great; Judie sent me an email about it because she knew that I love slim-style wallets like this. I repaid the favor by sending her back an email saying that I hated her for making me spend more money. I’ve been using a wallet that protects my cards from RFID scanners for the last two years. I like the functionality of it, but I don’t love the solid plastic construction. This has the same functionality and a classier look. Plus, it can double as a stand for my iPhone. What could be bad? Back it!


How’s Communication From the Creatives Been?:The project is new so we have not seen any updates yet. Based on the video I expect it will be good.

What Has the Experience Been: Too new.

Would You Recommend this Kickstarter Project?: Yes!


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