New T-RackS Custom Shop Available from IK Multimedia

New T-RackS Custom Shop Available from IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia’s T-Rack software allows you to build custom effects processors as plug-ins to soup up your sound. Now they have come out with the latest version called T-RackS® Custom Shop version 4.0 – and it has a load of new features including five new analog-modeled and digital processors, the Custom Shop, and more. The Custom Shop is IK’s online gear shop, which allows users to purchase gear models from within the T-RackS software itself.

Here are some more details:

5 New T-RackS Processors, CSR integration, Improved Sound

The new T-RackS CS includes five brand-new processing modules. Four belong to the new Quad Series of multi-band mastering processors, which includes a compressor, limiter, stereo imager and de-esser. These units allow for surgical mastering and mixing precision by splitting the signal into four adjustable frequency bands (three for the de-esser) that can be processed individually. Each Quad module is equipped with a set of high-precision filters and a solo function for auditioning individual bands.

The fifth new processor is British Channel, a meticulously analog-modeled emulation of the channel strip from the most popular British mixing desk of all time. It offers four bands of EQ, high- and low-pass filters, a compressor and an independent gate/expander section, with a sound that’s been the centerpiece of countless tracks through the history of recorded music. IK used its cutting-edge DSM™ and SCC™ modeling technologies to nail down every nuance of this classic.

Additionally, T-RackS CS now integrates all of the CSR Classik Studio Reverb processors: Hall, Room, Plate and Inverse, which have been updated to offer 64-bit precision when running from the T-RackS shell.

Besides offering more processors, T-RackS CS also improves the sound of two of its most sought after compressors/limiters: White 2A and Black 76. Both have been updated with ultra-accurate modeling of their input/output stages that will please the most demanding vintage connoisseurs.

New Built-in Custom Shop

The new T-RackS CS now includes the IK Custom Shop, the extremely popular integrated online tool that allows users to expand T-RackS with à la carte processors, try them before they buy them, and tailor their studio to fit any level of personal budget.

The online Custom Shop lets users browse the gear collection – which will be expanded regularly – and make purchases with IK “Gear Credits,” available in the Custom Shop. The “Try Before You Buy” feature allows for downloading a fully functional module for two days before deciding whether to purchase.

Over 100,000 users are already taking advantage of the Custom Shop inside AmpliTube, IK’s flagship for guitar processing. Now those users can add superior outboard T-RackS compressors, EQs and reverbs to their DAWs by updating their Custom Shop to integrate both AmpliTube and T-RackS gear, giving them access to a staggering 285 pieces of equipment, all just one click away.

There are four versions – Free, Classic, Deluxe and Grand. Each higher version includes everything from the lower version plus much more.

The pricing breakdown is as follows:
T-RackS CS Grand – $399.99
T-RackS CS Grand Upgrade from Deluxe Version – $99.99
T-RackS CS Grand Upgrade from Classic, Standard, CSR and former Singles – $149.99
T-RackS CS Deluxe – $199.99
T-RackS CS Classic – $79.99
T-RackS CS Free 1+ metering suite FREE

Here is a video showing off some of the new features:

Head to IK Multimedia for all of the details and for information on how to upgrade or order T-RackS Custom Shop for your studio.

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