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January 8, 2013 • Events

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Digital Experience

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Mike reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a few weeks ago. Last night Judie and I had the opportunity to spend some time seeing Samsung’s current lineup. The company is on fire and, as you know, offers pretty much anything your gear-loving heart desires. We spent some time with the Galaxy Note 2 and, wow, is this phablet huge. That, however, isn’t a bad thing. If you are okay using a wired or wireless headset the huge size won’t bother you when making calls.

There was one feature of the Galaxy Note 2 that stood out last night.

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The S-Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 2 is an upgraded pen that is a bit bigger than its predecessor and has more functionality. We really loved the fact that if you hold the S-Pen over an email a preview of that email will appear without you even having to open the email itself. For people who handle hundreds of emails a day it could come in more than a bit handy.

In addition, while the S-Pen on the original Galaxy Note was a nice addition but limited in scope the Galaxy Note 2 seems to offer a bit more functionality. We’ve actually seen a good number of people using either the first or second generation Note. It is interesting to see the stylus make a comeback half a decade later and finding a niche.

You can learn more here on the Samsung website.

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