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January 24, 2013 • Reviews

Just Mobile AluPen Pro Review


As much as I have tried to go paperless, it’s been impossible for me to totally quit writing down shopping lists or jotting quick notes to myself or others. Whether I like it or not, I think I will always need to have a pen handy. Add to that my occasional need for a capacitive stylus — one that will work on the iPad or iPhone’s screen — and you’ll understand why the AluPen Pro caught my eye when I was visiting the Just Mobile booth at CES.


Sculpted from aluminum, the perfectly weighted AluPen Pro features a high-quality, retractable ballpoint pen at one end, and a soft rubber nib at the other. So you can seamlessly switch between jotting notes on paper and sketching ideas on a tablet.

The AluPen Pro is available in three colors — black, silver or red; I was given the silver version. The AluPen Plus comes in a  package that includes a spare stylus tip and a leather carrying pouch.


The pen measures 5.4″ long including the stylus tip on the top (which looks a bit like a black eraser), the pen is 0.4″ wide, and it weighs o.7 ounces.


Whether because they expect you to wear it out or because it might get lost, a spare stylus tip is included with the pen.


The writing end is the tip of a short Pelikan refill, which probably prompts my only real gripe — I do wish that pen took full-sized refills. The writing tip retracts into the body of the pen with a twist of the pen’s bottom; a twist in the opposite direction extends the pen.


I like that Just Mobile chose to go with the Pelikan refill, because it writes very smoothly.


The AluPen Pro is a comfortably sized and weighted writing instrument. I love the fact that it is a substantial metal pen. The angles on the side making up its hexagonal shape are defined enough that they will keep the pen from rolling off your desk. They are subtle enough that they do not make using the pen uncomfortable.

Whether you want a stylus so that you can tap things out on your screen while wearing gloves, or because you don’t like looking at finger grease on your screen, or because you just like drawing with one, there are reasons why it makes sense to carry a combination pen and stylus. The Just Mobile AluPen Plus happens to be one of the better looking and performing ones.

The Just Mobile AluPen Pro is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Beautiful aluminum pen with capacitive stylus end; comfortable weight and length for extended writing; includes a leather pouch to keep the pen from clinking against other items in your bag or pocket

What Needs Improvement: I do wish that it accepted full-length ink refills

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

18 Responses to " Just Mobile AluPen Pro Review "

  1. Bruce Brown says:

    Love good pens and this looks like a classic.

  2. gorkon says:

    Hmm. I need to check and see of Rotring has a tripen that has a stylus that works on tablets/phones. I loved my Rotring pen I had years ago. I had one with a black pen, a red pen and a mechanical pencil. Which one came out depended on which color was up when you pressed the button down.

  3. lindahp says:

    I love using a fine writing instrument (and stylus). I makes me feel important!

  4. Josiah Olson says:

    I haven’t yet found a great stylus for my iPad, but this looks awesome!

  5. ryandigweed says:

    Because i want to use it with sketchpad 😛

  6. Andrew says:

    I’d like to win this because this seems like a very nice pen and stylus.

  7. I need this stylus simply because I lost my old one and winning one sounds better than buying one! Prrety awesome that it doubles as a real pen too!

  8. murphykatt says:

    I’d like to win this because I’ve never had a stylus and have always wanted one!

  9. g1rthj says:

    I have some cheap versions that are ok but this looks like the real deal.

  10. lindahp says:

    I love using a fine writing instrument (and stylus). It makes me feel important!

  11. Corinne says:

    I’m always wearing gloves at work (I work in a great office but they have the air conditioner on year round) and a pen/stylus would work great for me.

  12. Tim Parmelee says:

    I want to win this AluPen Pro because i love that its multifunctional as a pen or stylus and the fact that it looks like it would fit my hand better. The stylus I currently have is too short and light, not comfortable to use for long periods of time but with the size and weight of the AluPen Pro I could see it being more of a natural pen feel. Thanks for the chance.

  13. sammy gumer says:

    i love pens in general and this is an amazing one. i would love to win this so i can impress the folks i go interview with.

  14. volcombrandon says:

    because it just looks super amazing i would love to have this awesome product !

  15. Madison McPheeters says:

    I would love to win this pen because I love the way it looks.

  16. sammy gumer says:

    where did the giveaway go?

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