My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case Review

My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case

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 Currently, I’m sporting a brand new Lifeproof case for my iPhone 5 and a Smart Case cover for my iPad, but unfortunately, I’ve neglected by MacBook Pro…until now!  When I first received a My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case, I was very pleased with the shade of blue and the overall look of the case.

My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case

The packaging was very simplistic, as both the top and the bottom cases were wrapped in a thin plastic bag.  Once I removed the plastic, I noticed that the case itself was extremely lightweight.  While I was happy that the case would not add any extra weight to my already heavy 15” Macbook Pro, I was nervous that the lightweight plastic would not provide the support and protection that I demand from a case.

My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case

Applying the case was a snap, literally; you simply snap the top onto the top of the computer and the bottom onto the bottom.  The pieces fit snugly, and I am not afraid that anything will shift or be removed accidentally.  An added touch is the cut out for the Apple logo on the back of the computer.  Many MacBook Pro cases cover the entire computer, concealing the much-adored apple.  After all, if I’m going to spend the money on an Apple, I want everyone to know what I’m using.

My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case

I also love the feel of the case.  I hesitated about the functionality of the rubberized case, because as a teacher who travels in between each class, I was afraid that a rubberized case would cause me trouble when trying to remove my computer from my bag.  I thought the rubber would create too much friction, but I experienced just the opposite; the rubber actually offers me added grip onto which I can grab the computer and easily remove it from my bag.

My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case

Another great feature of the My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case is that because the top and bottom pieces are separate, the case does not obstruct the computer from fully opening, as some other cases do.  You can easily open and close the computer to any angle, and the case does not interfere at all.  All of the ports on both sides of the computer are easily accessible, although the battery check button is somewhat difficult to access.

My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case

The bottom of the case is equipped with ventilation slats and four spongy feet to allow air to flow around underneath the computer.

My Macbook Case MacBook Pro Rubberized Case

In terms of protection, the MacBook Pro Rubberized Case has shielded my computer from scratches, dents, and other damage caused by a teething puppy who will chew on anything that she can put into her mouth.  So far, I’ve had a number of compliments on this case, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the product; I won’t be taking this one off anytime soon.

In addition to the MacBook Pro Rubberized Case, I have been trying out a matching blue Macbook keyboard skin, also from My Macbook Case.  I’ve seen many people using these skins, and I was always impressed with how cool they looked.  I was excited to try mine and join all of the other hardcore Mac users, but unfortunately, the cool factor comes at a price of functionality.  Even though the skin protects the keys from liquid, crumbs, and other small pieces of debris, I’ve found that the skin slows down my typing.  I find myself having to press harder on the keys, and I often end up pressing either the wrong key or two keys at once.  Unfortunately, now that my review is complete, I’ll be removing the keyboard skin.



MSRP:  $44.48 from; Keyboard Skin is $12.99 from

What I Like:  Sleek look; Good protection; Apple logo cutout; Great rubberized feel; Sturdy; Lots of compliments

What Needs Improvement:  Case is great, but the keyboard skin makes typing difficult

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review samples

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