iStabilizer tabMount Holds Your Tablet Right

iStabilizer tabMount

I’m a huge fan of the various products from iStabilizer. From their Flex smartphone holder to their Glass, to their Monopod, iStabilizer is one of those small companies whose products don’t grab a lot of attention, but they still stand out because they not only do their job, they do their job well. A few months ago iStabilizer went on Kickstarter to raise funds for their next offering — the iStabilizer tabMount. The iStabilizer tabMount was intended to be exactly what the name implies — a mount for your tablet.

iStabilizer tabMount

Considering the fact that the company’s smartphone holders (such as the Flex tripod) are among the simplest and most practical mounts I’ve ever seen, I was quick to jump in as a back of the product. Unfortunately, the target funding was not raised and, as is the policy for Kickstarter products that don’t reach their goal, it was cancelled.

iStabilizer tabMount

So the iStabilizer tabMount was cancelled as a Kickstarter product, but a few days later the people behind the company emailed all of the backers and said they were not only going to proceed with the tooling and production of the iStabilizer tabMount, but they would honor the discounted backer pricing for anyone who had previously stepped in as a backer.

iStabilizer tabMount

True to their word, the company created the iStabilizer tabMount and emailed backers a special code that allowed us to place an order at a significant discount. My iStabilizer tabMount arrived and, yet again, I’m impressed with iStabilizer’s product. It isn’t fancy, but it does the job. Here’s a quick look…

The iStabilizer tabMount is exactly what I expected it to be — a strong mounting solution that will grab hod of most any tablet and not let go until I want it to. The plastic is thick, the spring/s that maintain the grip of tight, requiring a bit of force to open them so the tablet can be inserted, and the padding at points where
the tablet and iStabilizer tabMount come into contact is thick enough to keep your tablet safe.

iStabilizer tabMount

Best of all, the iStabilizer tabMount has a standard metal 1/4-20″ tripod mounting so it works with all of the other offerings from iStabilizer as well as any tripod or monopod.

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So why would I want the iStabilizer tabMount? Well, I’ve already used it with one of the company’s FLEX tripod as a simple stand for watching a show last night. I played around with securing my iPad mini to the iStabilizer Monopod and grabbing video from a different perspective, and I used it to set my iPad mini on my tripod to see how that would fare.

iStabilizer tabMount

In each case, the TabMount did exactly what it promised to do by keeping my iPad mini secure while also allowing my to go handsfree for viewing or filming. And considering the fact that the iPad mini has a decent camera for stills and video, setting it on a tripod is actually a great way to capture content. Now that the iPad, both the full size and the mini, offer decent cameras having a method of securely holding it for video or image capture is key. The tabMount is a great way to make that happen; you can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $24.95

What I Like: Simple but effective design; Works with an assortment of different tablets; Has a screw that works with any standard tripod

What Needs Improvement: A bit too tight for the Samsung GALAXY Note 8

Source: Personal, discounted purchase

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