Goji Smart Lock Makes Other Locks Look Stupid

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Goji Smart Lock Makes Other Locks Look Stupid Listen to this article
Goji Smart Lock to Give Homeowners Unprecedented Home-Access Control and Information

Goji Smart Lock gives homeowners unprecedented home-access control and information

We already use our home network to control our Nest thermostat from our smartphones, but this similarly styled smart deadbolt system might be something Kev and I should next consider. The Goji Smart Lock uses your home WiFi network to send real-time picture alerts to your smartphone when someone activates the lock. You can also use its smartphone app to remotely allow access to your home when an out-of-town friend or relative shows up and you are running late.


Say cheese! The Goji Smart Lock just snapped your picture!

The patent-pending and UL-listed Goji Smart Lock system includes a battery-operated deadbolt lock, four digital keys and two conventional keys; you can also buy programmable fobs for the members of your household who don’t carry a smartphone (mom, I am looking at you!).

The Goji Smart Lock uses low energy secure Bluetooth and WiFi to transmit 128-bit encrypted bank-level security algorithms. “The WiFi capability enables homeowners to control the lock from anywhere in the world, and it enables people without [smartphones] to use it.”


The battery operated lock is made to be easy to install and program yourself, and once installed you’ll receive notices through the app or via text messages when the battery starts to get low; Goji is saying that the battery should last about a year. In case you ever misplace your phone, Goji offers 24/7 customer service to provide assistance, but the lock can also be operated with a conventional key; pulling back the digital display reveals the keyhole.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4


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The Goji isn’t for sale just yet, but it is expected to be available in December; retail prices will start at $278. You can preorder yours on Indigogo for $195 with their early bird discount.

Goji Smart Lock

Goji Smart Lock on Indiegogo

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