Technogel Contour Pillow Review – the End of the Triple Pillow Alliance!

Technogel Contour Pillow Review - the End of the Triple Pillow Alliance!

For the longest time, I couldn’t sleep unless I had at least two, if not three, pillows crammed under my head. For the past few weeks I’ve been testing the Technogel Contour Pillow, and I haven’t used another pillow since. What could be so great about the $169 Contour to cause the early retirement of the “triple pillow alliance”?

Technogel Contour Pillow Review - the End of the Triple Pillow Alliance!
The Contour pillow is unlike any pillow I’ve ever used. I’ve slept on memory foam pillows, but the Technogel experience is totally different. With memory foam, it always feels either too firm, where the pillow is pushing back against me all night, or too soft, and my head sinks into the pillow uncomfortably. I have the same problem with regular pillows, which is part of why I have the multiple pillow pileup (more on that below).

Technogel is different. It’s firm and very dense, but it has just the right amount of give that it isn’t too firm. In addition, the gel has a cooling effect, which is remarkably comfortable. The first night I slept on the pillow I was a bit thrown at the sensation. It isn’t cold enough to be uncomfortable though; the closest I could describe it is similar to an Icy Hot patch but without the tingling, or like a tactile menthol-cooling but not really cold. More importantly, it really does help make sleep more comfortable. Where your head lays doesn’t stay cold all night due to body heat, but it also doesn’t get stuffy or hot like a normal pillow.

Technogel Contour Pillow Review - the End of the Triple Pillow Alliance!

The Contour gets its name from the way the pillow is shaped. It’s concave, so your head rests in the middle with your neck supported by the edges, and it is the best design I have ever seen. I said I normally sleep with two or three pillows, and most of that is for support. But the Technogel Contour has a one-two punch of gel material and that amazing design, and I haven’t used more than the Contour since I started testing it.

You’ll have to take my word for it, but this is huge for me. I’ve been known to fold a single pillow in thirds if I only had one pillow available.

I have never slept well on one pillow, and I am sleeping like a rock on the Contour … well, except for when the little one wakes up, but that’s not the pillow’s fault.

Technogel Contour Pillow Review - the End of the Triple Pillow Alliance!

One thing about the Contour that really makes it stand out — it’s a very heavy pillow. It weighs in at four pounds (according to my kitchen scale), but unless you’re lugging your pillow around the house it won’t make a big difference. It does keep the pillow exactly where you left it all night, no matter how much you toss and turn. It’s also extremely well made, with a solid slipcover over the pillow and no loose seams or zippers. The slipcover is also removable and machine washable, so you can keep it nice and clean. It feels and looks like a high-quality product.

This is a very expensive pillow. Admittedly, on I usually go for the $10 Target pillows, so I had some concerns about something that costs 16 times that. Is it worth the money? I think the answer is yes because a case of getting what you pay for. In the Contour, you’re getting something that should last quite a while, that’s been engineered to maximize your sleep comfort, and that’s packed with an innovative material.

Now, there are similar products on the market, as Judie pointed out she and Kevin purchased similar seeming pillows for significantly less money. I reached out to Technogel, and they explained that Technogel and the pillows are patented, so while other pillows may seem similar or may be outright knockoffs, only pillows from their authorized dealers use their technology and design.

If you’re looking for a way to improve how well you sleep, and especially if you need good support, it’s worth seeking out a retailer to test the Technogel Contour or any of their other Technogel pillows. You spend about 1/3 of your life either sleeping or trying to sleep; a good night’s sleep is worth the expense!

MSRP: Technogel pillows start at $169; you can learn more about the gel and the technology at the Technogel site and buy a pillow from any of their authorized dealers.

What I Like: Incredibly comfortable and supportive material; cooling sensation really does feel nice while sleeping; contour design provides excellent neck support

What Needs Improvement: Price is high for a pillow, and may be priced out of some budgets

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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