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The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is an engineering marvel. Packed with features, its stylus is more than a mere gimmick. Still, like far too many Samsung products, it feels cheap. That’s where the iLuv FlightFit comes in. For under $30 it promises to protect your Note 3 even as it props it up for easy viewing. Pre-order yours.

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Our review sample merges a soft powder blue interior shell with a hard, shiny white exterior shell. As iLuv explains,

Double the Protection: Made from a fused two-layer construction of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, FlightFit offers double the protection for your GALAXY Note 3. The hard polycarbonate exterior provides impact resistance while the soft thermoplastic polyurethane interior is shock absorbing. This combination of hard and soft materials will keep your phone safely protected from accidents and mishaps.

It is a nice combination of materials that looks great and promises to do a decent job of protecting your GALAXY Note 3. When I first began using it the case felt oddly familiar. It didn’t take long for me to realize why. Yes, thanks to the dual-layer of protection one might easily think this case is part of Speck’s CandyShell line. It is not. And while the Speck CandyShell for the Note 2 is $39.99 (the Note 3 case is not yet available), this case is just $29.99 and includes a built-in stand.
Here’s a look at it in action.

As you can see the FlightFit adds a bit of bulk and weight to the device but, at the same time, it makes the relatively delicate piece of electronics feel more substantial. It also feels good in the hand thanks, in part, to the fact that it mimics the Note 3’s original lines.


  • Perfect fit dual-layer construction
  • Guards your device with soft shock-absorbing TPU interior and impact-resistant PC exterior
  • Rigid high-gloss polycarbonate exterior for impact resistance -Built-in stand for hands-free viewing in landscape orientation
  • Maintain access to all ports and controls
  • Available in fun colors to suit your style

Cutouts on the sides, top and bottom are precise. I like the way iLuv has the softer, powder blue material ring each cutout and button. It adds to the visual appeal of the case while also insuring there are no sharp edges.

The built-in stands on cases such as this are often an afterthought. Flimsy and awkward they rarely function as well as one might otherwise hope. That, thankfully, is not the case here. No, the stand built into the FlightFit for Note 3 is actually quite functional. It clicks out and quickly moves into position. And while it is only intended for use with the device in landscape that is just fine by me. After all, that is the orientation you will most likely use for viewing media.iLuv notes”

Built-In Stand: FlightFit was designed for your convenience and comes with a built-in stand at the back of the case that allows for landscape viewing. Just place your phone down horizontally and simply pull the stand out from the back to watch videos or movies completely hands-free.

I think what impressed me the most in this regard is the fact that, when the stand is extended the Note 3 is still protected bt a layer of the soft material. Far too often I have found that when built-in stands are expected the leave a gap and there is no protection in that part of the case until the stand is clicked back into its storage position.

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In all the iLuv FlightFit for the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is an impressive case. I don’t love the soft blue color but the design of the case is excellent. It offers great protection to the sides, top and bottom and, especially, corners. It adds lay-on-the-table protection and comes with a built-in stand that actually works. Best of all it is under $30.

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Check out the various color offerings and place your order now. You won’t regret it.

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MSRP: $29.99

What I Like: Good protection all around; Ports and controls protected but totally function; Built-in stand actually works well!

What Needs Improvement: No included screen protection

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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