RHA MA600i In-Ear Headphones Review

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When I look for headphones, sound quality is important, but more and more I choose due to durability and comfort. What use are a great sounding pair of headphones if they fail after a short time on the go? I have been checking out the RHA MA600i headphones to see if quality audio can meet durability at the $89.99 price point.

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The MA600i in-ear headphones come packaged beautifully in a large box which displays all of the important contents. The package includes the headphones, six pairs of dual density tips, two pairs of double flange ear tips, hard carrying case and a clothing clip. The aluminum ear tip holder comes in handy helping to prevent losing tips which is always a problem for me. The carrying case has plenty of room and will easily protect the headphones in a gear bag or pocket.

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I find the build quality of headphones to be just as important as sound quality. Too many great sounding headphones only last a short time, usually failing where the wire meets the jack or the microphone meets the wire. The dual insulated, oxygen-free copper cables are light, but quite strong and the connections are designed to last. All of the hardware is plastic so the entire product is extremely light. Sometimes light means cheap, but this is not the case with the MA600i headphones. These things are super comfortable. I wore them for a long time with no ear fatigue. The default size tips were my perfect size and they keep most outside noises out.

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Audio quality is great given the affordable price level. I listened to a variety of music styles with positive results. It is important to note that the MA600i headphones do not have overpowering bass response. I know that is some people’s taste, but I prefer music to be full and not overpowering. The highs are crisp and clean and the mids are just enough to balance out the sound. While the bass is not overpowering, it does a great job enhancing the audio quality. I always listen to Metallica “And Justice For All” album when reviewing headphones because I think all frequencies are utilized perfectly. The album sounded great on these headphones. If you prefer a crisp, clear full range audio experience, the MA600i headphones are a good option.

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With many headphone options flooding the market, it is often difficult to find a good balance between price and quality. Coming in at $89.99, the RHA MA600i headphones are a good value for the money. The sound quality is detailed and well balanced and the build quality should make them last a long time. I can say with all of this and the number of tip choices and protective case, the RHA MA600i Headphones are a bargain.

Buy Them!

MSRP: $89.99

What I like: Lightweight, durable and sound great!

What can be improved: Nothing so far, I like them.

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