Foreo Issa Silicone Electric Toothbrush Brings Gadgetry and Cleanliness to Your Teeth

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You’re probably familiar with electric toothbrushes, but have you ever had one with silicone bristles? Foreo has announced the Issa at CES, the first electric toothbrush that incorporates silicone bristles for a more thorough and hygenic cleaning of your teeth. Apparently silicon bristles are gentler on your gums and provide a thorough cleaning. 

What really caught my eye is the claim that these toothbrushes can go up to 365 uses between charges, which means you won’t be a slave to the charger. I would assume silicone bristles are also more durable than traditional ones. These have definitely caught my attention, since I am willing to try anything that might reduce uncomfortable dentist visits! Find out more information at the Foreo Issa website.

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