Are You a Good Liar? Take This 5 Second Test and Share Your Results!

Are you a good liar? Take this 5 second test to find out!

Are you a good liar? No. Are you lying to me now?

There are several personality traits that can supposedly be revealed based on the results you glean from this simple 5 second test. Kev and I did it over breakfast, and the results were a bit surprising … or maybe they weren’t. Watch the video, take the test, and then share your results below!

Kev’s and my results? Kev drew the tail of the Q pointing to the right,  and I drew the tail of the Q pointing to the left. We had a laugh, and then we both decided that we could live with our results. How did you do?

This Weird 5-Second Test Can Tell You If Your Friends Are Good Liars

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