Loop Attachment’s Mummy Case for iPhone 5/5s is a Winner in the Slim Category

5sg-3 Loop Attachment’s Mummy case for iPhone 5/5s is not just another slim, low profile silicone iPhone case.  Along with it’s eye-catching design, it has room for secure card storage in the straps on the back, improved grip over many silicone cases and a great no-snag texture so that it doesn’t get caught in your pants pocket.  It retails for $24.95.

I’m a big proponent of slim cases for my iPhone 5.  I very rarely drop my phone, and when I do it’s never from a great height.  Also, I always carry my phone in my pocket, so I don’t necessarily want a big, bulky case poking out of my jeans pocket.  So, the Mummy case for my iPhone 5 seemed like the perfect fit for me.  It provides protection from minor drops while keeping my phone at the very small size it was meant to be.

Empty Mummy case from the front.

Empty Mummy case from the front.

The mummy has a big enough lip on the screen side and the backside that it protects the phone from getting dragged on a surface or accidentally dropped on the screen.  The volume up/down buttons are encased in the Mummy’s silicone protection while the mute switch is left open so you can easily use it.  The power button on top of the iPhone 5 is also encased in the soft silicone.  The bottom of the iPhone 5 has three cutouts in the Mummy’s silicone for the speakers and for the lightning port.  The back of the case is really where the design flair comes in, along with the reason that the case is named “Mummy.”

Empty Mummy case from the back.

Empty Mummy case from the back.

The back of the case has a strappy design where six ribbons of silicone wrap around the case mimicking the look of a mummy wrapped in cloth.  The silicone ribbons have enough stretch to them to serve their main function past being design elements; to hold credit cards, business cards, your driver’s license, etc.  Although I don’t have a ton of use for the card holder in the back, I can see it’s usefulness if you don’t want to carry around your wallet, you can throw some cash and your driver’s license back there.  Another use for it could be if you’re at a networking event and want a cool way to hold your business cards.

3-Loop Mummy Case Gear Diary-002I’ve been using the Mummy case for about a week, and I’ve been very impressed with the design and functionality.  I love the bright orange color, and the strappy design on the back, while beautiful, still allows the original design of the iPhone 5 to show through.  The Apple logo, “iPhone” text, and camera/flash are all left unimpeded by the Mummy’s silicone.  I actually have noticed the difference in the Mummy’s improved grip as well as it’s no-snag texture, although the no-snag texture is not perfect and still gets caught in my pocket occasionally.  Another great thing about silicone iPhone cases is the fact that there is zero signal loss.

4-Loop Mummy Case Gear Diary-003My only real complaint with Loop Attachment’s Mummy case is that the silicone isn’t very form fitted.  Meaning that the silicone is a little loose around the edges of my iPhone.  While not a huge deal, it leads to a feeling of imperfection and wishing that the case fit tighter around my iPhone 5.

5-Loop Mummy Case Gear Diary-004On the whole, however, I would absolutely recommend Loop Attachment’s Mummy case for the iPhone 5 if you’re looking for a slim case that offers some protection, but mostly has great design flair.  I’d especially recommend the Mummy case if you feel like you’d have a use for the card storage in the rear of the case.  I think the Mummy case will stay on as my personal iPhone case for a while.

The Loop Attachment Mummy case for iPhone 5/5s is available in an astounding 10 colors, and you can purchase it directly from Loop Attachment at their website.

MSRP:  $24.95

What I Like:  Beautiful, different design; Great colors; No-snag texture; Card storage; Decent protection without the bulk.

What Needs Improvement:  The silicone could be molded for a tighter hold on the phone.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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