Fun with the HTC One M8 Camera!

image The HTC One M8 camera is actually a twofer-there’s the main lens and then a secondary one, designed to allow for depth of field and other fun editing tricks. The result is that the right photo can go from nice to WOW in just a few clicks!

I took the above photo at a model train museum we were visiting today. Well, to be completely honest my wife Sarah helped me frame the shot properly, so it was a team effort. Still, the point is that we took a perfectly fine photo of a really cool and detailed model train diorama. Then, while we were still walking the museum, I pulled up the photo and edited it with HTC’s ufocus option. As you can see below, the extra camera lens helps play with the depth and focus and turns a decent photo into something artsy and cool! HTC One M8 Camera


I can’t wait to play with the camera on the HTC One M8 more in the coming weeks.

HTC One M8



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