Amzdeal Moving Life 8,000 mAh Power Bank Review

The Amzdeal Moving Life 8,000 mAh Power Bank is another one of the newest high-capacity mobile chargers on the market. It’s thin and light, and it can recharge your smartphone up to 6 times before running out of juice. It’s also nicely designed in white and gray and comes with a carrying case; it retails for $69.90.

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The first thing you might notice about the Amzdeal Moving Life power bank is its stark-white look. The neat thing about this stark-white surface is that it’s covered in a polymerized soybean oil ink, which allows you to draw your own designs on the power bank to truly make it your own. The bottom of the power bank is encased in a soft gray plastic that feels good in your hand.

2-Amzdeal Moving Life Gear Diary-001The 8,000 mAh capacity lithium polymer battery is a huge advantage and allows you to recharge your phones around 4-6 times before needing to be recharged. The Amzdeal Moving Life power bank has one USB-out port that pumps out 5-volts of power at 2.1 amps, which will charge your smartphones very quickly. But, it will also charge your tablets at a normal pace. It also has a microUSB-in port that is used to charge the power bank itself.

3-Amzdeal Moving Life Gear Diary-002The Amzdeal Moving Life power bank also has four LED indicator lights that tell you approximately how much battery capacity the bank has left. The power bank itself is super-slim at 0.35 inches thick. The power bank is 5.71 inches long by 2.68 inches wide. The dimensions make this power bank very small and able to be carried in your pocket or easily in a backpack or pocketbook.

4-Amzdeal Moving Life Gear Diary-003The Moving Life power bank’s front is very white, with the Amzdeal and Moving Life logos. This is where you can draw your own designs. The back of the power bank is gray with the battery capacity (8,000 mAh) and the power button. When no device is plugged in, you press the power button to check the battery capacity with the LED lights. When your device is plugged in, you press the power button to start charging. The top of the power bank has the USB-out jack as well as the four LED indicator lights. One of the sides of the power bank has the microUSB-in jack, which is where you plug the cable in to charge the unit itself.

5-Amzdeal Moving Life Gear Diary-004The power bank comes with a handy woolen carrying case that holes the power bank itself nice and snug. It also has a front pocket that can hold the microUSB cable. Unfortunately, this power bank does not come with an AC adapter, so you’ll have to find a computer to charge it with, or use another AC adapter.

6-Amzdeal Moving Life Gear Diary-005I’ve enjoyed my time with this power bank because its got such a huge capacity. I love the fact that I can recharge my phone multiple times before needing to recharge the external battery, and I like how it recharges my devices very quickly; I just wish that it came with an AC adapter. However, the one thing that needs to be considered is the price. The MSRP is $69.90, but it can be purchased on Amazon right now for $30, which is a crazy deal for such a high capacity power bank.

If you’re looking for a budget power bank without too many extra features or inclusions, you should definitely check this one out.

You can purchase the Amzdeal Moving Life power bank from Amazon for $29.99Amzdeal Moving Life 8,000 mAh Power Bank Review.

MSRP: $69.90

What I Like: Nice design;  Small size; High Capacity; Carrying pouch included.

What Needs Improvement: Dual USB-outputs would be nice; Included AC adapter would be nice too.

Source: The Amzdeal power bank was a manufacturer supplied review item

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