Seidio Innocell Plus Combo Review:

One of my daily tasks is finding power for my phone. It sounds so silly, but I use it so much, charging is a must. Since I do not sit at a desk for work, a battery case is a perfect option. Seidio Innocell Plus Combo brings 2X battery life and a nice holster for only $79.95. Let’s take a look. 

Seidio Innocell Plus Combo Review

The Innocell Plus Combo brings together the Innocell Plus 2,000 mAh battery and the matching holster. The package also comes with a microUSB charging cable.

Seidio Innocell Plus Combo Review

The Innocell Plus case snaps into place with a two piece design. Make sure when installing the face plate is snapped in all the way around the case. I found the case easy to install, but pretty difficult if you need to remove it. To remove you will need to pry it open using the small slot on the bottom of the case and work around the face plate. If you do not plan on removing it often, the case is extremely snug and has a great fit and finish. I like the soft touch coating and the shape of the design. The case feels good in the hand and does not add considerable bulk for a battery case. A slot in the bottom of the case acts as a built in amplifier for the speaker making the sound loud and clear. You will have to make sure your audio connector fits into the case or find a small extension to make it work. I would have liked to see an extension cable included.

Seidio Innocell Plus Combo Review

The case sports a 2,000 mAh battery providing around 125% increase in battery power. Charging is attained with a microUSB cable, which is included. When plugged in, the phone will charge first, then the case. To turn on the extra battery, press and hold the button on the back until it begins to charge. There are four blue lights next to the button. Each light represents 25% of the case charge. Seidio recommends beginning the case charge around 60% on the phone for maximum efficiency. The battery is surprisingly light and not as bulky as other similar products I have used. I am able to make it though a complete day without charging from the wall while using the Innocell Plus case.

Seidio Innocell Plus Combo Review

I do not prefer to use a holster, but the Seidio Innocell Plus holster works really well. It has a rugged design that will hold your phone in place and provide plenty of protection. The top of the case has a spring-loaded tab that lets the phone easily go in and out of the holster. On the backside of the tab is a lock. Simply slide the lock upward and the phone will not be able to be removed from the holster. When installed, the phone is faced screen inward, which both adds protection as well as add privacy. The holster can rotate to seven positions making it usable for anyone’s taste.

At $79.95, the Seidio Innocell Plus Combo from Seidio is a great option for anyone needing extra power to make it through the day and likes to use a holster. Adding 125% of battery power is great, but having it in a sleek package is even better. I really like the soft feel of the Seidio Innocell case and the design shape makes it feel like there is minimal bulk added. It is light and easy to carry.

Source: Manufacturer provided sample.

What I like: Battery case with not much bulk and comfortable to carry; the locking mechanism on the holster works really well

What could be improved: I wish an input jack extension was included making all headphones usable

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