These Optical Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

We now live in a world where you cannot simply believe that a picture or video is real. After all, computer graphics have become so powerful that, in the right hands, technology can make things appear far different than they actually are. That noted, as these optical illusions demonstrate, even low-tech approaches can fool us.This circle, for example, looks like it is hanging in the middle of a large hall and is on solid ring of colored material with a hole in the center.


It makes a pretty damn convincing argument doesn’t it? Thing is, this circle of color is not as solid as it appears. In fact … it is not a circle at all.


How freaky is that? Or try this one…


A square with an X blocks the opening right? Not quite.

Optical Illusions

These amazing paintings are the work of Swiss artist Felice Varini who refers to his work as “perspective-localized paintings”. There are more Optical Illusions to see if you click here.

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