OnePlus One Flip Cover Review: Inexpensive but Does the Job Well

Judie and I were both lucky enough to get invitations to purchase a OnePlus One smartphone (thanks Julie G.!). If you haven’t heard about this device, it is a premium quality, premium speed phablet with rock-bottom, unlocked smartphone price. We’ll be reviewing the phones soon, but I wanted to do a quick review of the $14.99 OnePlus One Flip Cover.The Flip Cover is specifically designed for the OnePlus One, and it shows. The device snaps into the case and once in place both the screen and the body of the phone are protected. That, however, is just the beginning of why this OnePlus accessory is a home run.

OnePlus One Flip Cover

The Flip cover is made from “Bicast Leather and Smooth Velvet.” I didn’t know what bicast leather was, so I did a quick search and got an education. Bicast leather is also known as PU leather or split leather. It is

a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane (hence the term PU leather) that is applied to the surface and then embossed.

A potential downside of the material is that it will not develop the patina or suppleness associated with leather. Still, this material choice helps keep the price down while still offering something that looks, and feels, premium.

From OnePlus:

The OnePlus flip cover is specifically designed for the One, so you can rest assured that your One will be perfectly shielded against everything that a phone can be subjected to – at least almost.

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I was immediately impressed with the Flip Cover, while Elana thought it looked and felt a bit cheap. I can see what she was saying — after all it basically is a clear plastic snap on shell with an attached cover — but I love the way it fits the phone like a glove. Once the phone is inside, it is almost entirely protected. The corners are covered, the screen is protected, and there is little change of the phone encountering scratches when in you pocket or bag. I also love the fact that the cover flips all the way around to the back and lays flat so you don’t have to constantly adjust your hold on the device. The iPad SmartCover-style instant on and off feature is also cool.

Your One will automatically unlock as soon as you flip open the front side, for a smoother and better user experience. The volume button will be reached as easily through the flip cover as without. The same goes for the lock button. As the backside has an opening for the camera and the flash, and the front side will leave the loudspeakers unblocked, you can take beautiful images and talk to your friends while not worrying about your One.

Video Review of the OnePlus One Flip Cover

Here’s what OnePlus has to say about it:

  • Protect What’s Yours: Even though the OnePlus One is crafted to be resistant to shocks, falls, dampness and scratches, you could still end up wishing that you’d simply left your precious device safe at home that day. What you hold dear can’t be protected enough. With the OnePlus One flip cover specifically designed for the One, you can rest assured that your One will be perfectly shielded against everything that a phone can be subjected to – at least almost.
  • Premium materials: The exterior consists of a shock absorbent plastic layered with resistant Bicast leather, while the interior is made of soft velvet for the backside of the One to have a comfortable place to rest on. The front side will flip up effortlessly, and will fall back carefully on your One with a discrete “tap”. The attention to detail is once again manifested through the OnePlus logo carved on the bottom-right side of the front.
  • Radiant Colors: When we say personalization, we mean it. With a host of bright colors to chose from, you can further express yourself through your One. Show the world that you are a proud owner of the One with the help of our radiant colors.


I’m impressed by the OnePlus One Flip Cover. It has the fit and functionality of a case that is clearly designed with the device in mind. That’s a good thing since this case is OnePlus One-specific. It snaps in place with ease, stays in place quite well, protects with aplomb, and adds special features such as the automatic on/off functionality. Best of all, the case is under $15, and it is available in five different colors.



If you have a OnePlus One it is worth checking out! Click here to see more.

Source: Personal purchase of the OnePlus One Flip Cover

What I Like: Fits well; Highly protective; Designed to offer low-profile protection; Cover offers instant on/off functionality

What Needs Improvement: The more I’ve looked at and used it, the less high-end it has seemed

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