Velvetwire Powerslayer Kit Review: Beautiful and Smart Charging Solution

I’ve got a tendency to leave my phone plugged in when home, and while that isn’t necessarily bad for today’s Li-Ion batteries, it’s kind of wasteful to use a charger that is trying to continuously supply power to a battery that has already been topped off. I was recently sent a Velvetwire Powerslayer Kit, and it solves the problem beautifully.

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Available in marine, coral, hull (gray), and fathom (black), the Powerslayer charger is the beautiful brain behind this operation. Measuring approximately 3″ long x 2″ wide x 1″ thick, the textured polycarbonate body’s guts use SoftchargeTM Technology to deliver “energy only as needed, eliminating waste and overcharging”, and “Ultra-low AdaptivTM Standby consumes one-tenth the standby power of other chargers”.

The charger has a folding nickel-plated brass NEMA 1-15 power plug, and it has a single 5 Volts / 2 Amperes (10 Watts) USB 2.0 port. What sets the Powerslayer apart from other charging ports is that it has a built-in microprocessor control which “protects against overcharging and eliminates wasted power by turning off automatically when charging is complete. ” Even if you leave your phone charged in, unless it needs topping off, no power will be drawn.

The dark triangle on the lower left of the charger is actually an LED status light; when you plug your phone in the Velvetwire Powerslayer will glow orange as it charges, then green when your device’s battery is topped off. The light will shut off shortly after that to indicate that your phone or tablet has fully charged and there is no more power being used.

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On its own, the Powerslayer retails for $39.99.

I received the kit, which means that I was not only sent the Powerslayer, I also received Velvetwire’s premium USB cable and a thick woolen felt travel case; all of this came packed in a great gift box.

Available in 1 meter ($19 for Apple Lightning or microUSB) or two meters ($29 for Apple Lightning or microUSB), the Velvetwire premium USB cable is a tangle-free and custom braided cable that comes in a marine and coral color weave. I’d suggest springing for the two meter cable, just because it comes in really handy to have a roughly 6 foot Lighting or USB charger when you like to do things like read your tablet in bed or use your phone while it’s charging.

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The 4.5″ wide x 3.5″ tall x 1.5″ thick Powerslayer Travel Case is a great way to keep the entire package organized when traveling. It is composed of thick 100% natural wool felt and textured black vegetable-tanned natural leather; it is kept closed with a .75″ coral colored elastic strap.

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You can tuck the wrapped USB cable under a strap on the back side (as they show on the Powerslayer site), or you can tuck it inside before pulling the elastic over everything to close. The kit is a great all-in-one package for those of you who travel frequently or have loved ones who do.

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The Powerslayer Velvetwire is a great charger on its own; it will work with any USB cable, but if you are still using the original white Apple Lightning cable or the slick black microUSB cable that came with your phone or tablet, you’ll be amazed at the upgrade when you go with the Velvetwire premium USB cable. Ordering all three items as a kit saves you $8 before any other discounts.

If you are starting to think about gifts for your favorite student or road warrior, the Powerslayer Kit is a great idea. Everyone with a phone or tablet appreciates extra cables and chargers; these work so well and look so good that they will quickly become favorites.

The Velvetwire Powerslayer Kit retails for $79 (with one meter cable) or $89 (with the two meter cable), and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Special: Until December 1st, you can get 20% off any item in the Velvetwire store by using the code TURKEY at checkout.

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What I Like: The Velvetwire Powerslayer looks prettier than other chargers, but it is smart, too; Powerslayer shuts itself off when your device is done charging, so there is no wasted energy or battery wear; the Velvetwire premium USB cable is a great upgrade to the stock iPhone or microUSB cable that came with your phone or tablet; Velvetwire premium USB cable is available in one meter or two meter lengths; the Powerslayer Travel Case keeps the whole kit neat and ready to go

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, in fact I ordered a spare Velvetwire Powerslayer Kit as a gift!

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