Satechi Announces the BT Button Series for Hands Free Phone Action

I admit, as much as I love my 7 year old Prius, I get a little jealous hearing about the amazing ways smartphones are being integrated with newer cars. Satechi clearly feels my pain, and they’ve come up with a much more cost effective solution than a brand new car in their newly announced BT Button Series.


The buttons are little coin-battery operated devices that handle one of three tasks: media, camera shutter, or home button/phone assistant action. The idea is that you could stick these in your car, clip them to your keys, or wherever else strikes your fancy. Then you have a hands free camera shutter, or a media player, or a way to ask Siri or Google Now who is properly quoting song lyrics on a road trip, all without having to physically hold your phone. Obviously, the Siri/Phone assistance and media player buttons are probably the best fit for your car; if you have a reason to take hands-free camera shots while driving, well…

All jokes aside, these are cute ideas that could come in quite handy for many users. Best of all, they’re reasonably affordable, with the Home and Shutter buttons retailing for $24.99, while the Media one will be $29.99.

Satechi says the BT Button Series will be available for purchase in late January, so watch their website for more details.

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