CloudMagic Email Introduces Pro Version – $4.99 Per Month / $44.99 Per Year

Mobile and tablet email application CloudMagic today introduces CloudMagic Pro for $4.99/mo or $44.99/year. For the money, you’ll expand the number of email accounts supported from 5 (free version) to unlimited. The pro version also offers extra options and email configuration sync across all your devices including tablets.


Notably on Android, this is a good solution for those tired of waiting for Google to introduce a universal inbox which would show incoming email from multiple Gmail accounts in one place.

Notably absent is any type of web or desktop application which would make configuration and use on multiple devices more compelling.

What additional benefits does a CloudMagic Pro user get?
Once you upgrade to CloudMagic Pro, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Add unlimited email accounts
  • Setup email accounts once and login on another device to have everything ready
  • Preferences synced across devices
  • Download attachments in background
  • Remote wipe your data if you lose your phone/tablet
  • Priority support

This list of features essentially boils down to two additions:

  1. Unlimited email accounts (free versions of CloudMagic limit you to 5 accounts)
  2. Synchronization of accounts and options across multiple devices

Notably absent – and perhaps a deal breaker – two factor authentication for protection of your CloudMagic login. Without two factor authentication on the CloudMagic account itself a hacker may be able to gain access to your entire collection of email accounts even if those email accounts  are protected by two-factor enabled.

Worth the money? Not for me until the company adds two factor authentication. There is an option to add a passcode lock, however that’s not adequate protection against someone guessing your CloudMagic password and loading all your email accounts to a different device from which they access your emails.

For casual users who change devices often or use Apple , Android and Tablet devices with some regularity the easier setup and synchronization is probably worth the fee.

I’ve been using CloudMagic on my iPhone 6 Plus as a way to access all of my email accounts in one universal inbox, and so far the experience has been trouble-free and email delivery is fast. Let’s hope two-factor security is added soon.


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