New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

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New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy? Listen to this article

Joel McLaughlin:

1. If money and a catalog of games already owned were no object, what do you feel is the best gaming console system available now?

XBox One

2. Why is it better than _________?

Quire frankly, say what you will about Microsoft, but Sony has not impressed me with keeping their customer’s info secure. PSN has also had issues with security and quite frankly that’s more important to me than whether the PS4 is better or not.

3. What does ________ have that your recommendation doesn’t have?

I like the XBox One integration that’s promised in Windows 10. Also, the Kinect is a neat experience.

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

4. Is your recommendation a gaming console that a beginner would feel comfortable with, too?

Not really. The Wii U gets my vote here as it’s much more suited to casual gamers.

5. What is your favorite gaming controller (and why)?

Wii Motes and Wii U Pad

I like the way the old Wii Motes work and the Wii U pad is fun to play with. Like the concept that you can play a game without needing a TV.

6. What are your favorite gaming headphones (and why)?

Any headphones. I don’t typically wear them when I play, but any I have tried do the job fine.

To be honest, I game more on Android than on a console now, anyway.

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