New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?


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New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy? Listen to this article

Mike Siebenaler:

1. I already have it; the PS4. Aside from the hacks and security issues. Sony puts price point, future expansions and customer value at the forefront while still offering physical disc choices — for now.

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

2. Why is it better than Xbox Live? less expensive, more streaming options (also more user-friendly), innovative controller (touchpad, headphone jack for convenient mobile sound options when my kids are asleep, etc.) and better game library

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

3. What does Xbox One have that your recommendation doesn’t have? better launch/exclusives thought “The Order” and other spring titles will even that out.

4. Is your recommendation a gaming console that a beginner would feel comfortable with, too? Definitely. More exclusive all-age games. Xbox One relies on 3rd party too much.

5. What is your favorite gaming controller (and why)? Nintendo GamePad – the biggest second screen option. PSVita is a close second

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?
6. What are your favorite gaming headphones (and why)? TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset – I love that they are minimal and affordable…and universal. Best option for my girls on the go and Nintendo consoles are definitely their first choice.

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