New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

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New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy? Listen to this article

Michael Anderson: My easy answer is ‘PC’ But I suppose that is cheating.

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?
– PS4 is better than the XBone … because it is more powerful and has better graphics, a cleaner interface, and a great library.
– PS4 has PS Vita remote play, so you can use your portable gaming device along with your console
– PS4 uses simple interface that anyone with a Sony Blu-Ray player or a PSP device already knows, and it is simple to set up.

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

– XBox One is better than the PS4, because it excels at media streaming, offering a better depth and breadth of choices to make it your entertainment center.
– XBone has Kinect (sometimes) that has better features than what PS4 offers. It also exclusively has EA Access.
– XBox One is simple to set up and use, not as much so as the PS4, but anyone remotely tech-savvy would have no issues.

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

WiiU is better than … oh never mind, it just isn’t.

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

Still, I’d go with a PC hooked into your TV. It is the ultimate EVERYTHING machine! And if you get a new Alienware with the external Graphics Amplifier, then you end up with a laptop that has desktop power!

As for mouse & keyboard … ugh, it is SO true, though! haha but I have adapted pretty well to the XBox controller so that is what I use even playing console-ish games on PC. I think the PS4 controller makes more sense, but it is often about familiarity.


2. Best Headphones? I have 3 options. I often use my iPhone earpods if anything. Then I still use and love the AblePlanet headset I reviewed back in 2009 (really!).

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

I find it is perfect for online gaming and when I want good sound and a mic, and when playing offline games and I want good sound I have a set of AKG ‘reference series’ over the ear … you hear every detail.

Perry Brauner said, “I’ll try to do this when I have a moment, but Michael, you’d be surprised that I’m actually considering the WiiU as better than the Xbox in certain aspects. First party games are obviously best with Nintendo.”

Michael Anderson: “Yay, can’t wait.”

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