New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

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New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy? Listen to this article

It’s easy to assume that everyone out there already has a favorite gaming system, whether it be Xbox, Playstation, Wii, or something else. But what if you are totally new to gaming? What if you want to play, but you have little experience with any of the available gaming options, and you have no idea where to get started?

As an adult, I’ve mainly been a phone or tablet gamer with occasional toe-dipping into Mac and Wii games. But every time I watch an episode of House of Cards where they show Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood, “relaxing” by playing some shoot-em-up on his Playstation and big screen TV, I’m reminded that it’s something I’d like to advance to.

But which console? Which system? Where do you even start?

So I put together a list of questions to ask the Gear Diary crew:

1. If money and a catalog of games already owned were no object, what do you feel is the best gaming console system available now?

2. Why is it better than _________?

3. What does ________ have that your recommendation doesn’t have?

4. Is your recommendation a gaming console that a beginner would feel comfortable with, too?

5. What is your favorite gaming controller (and why)?

6. What are your favorite gaming headphones (and why)?

And here were their replies …

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