New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

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New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy? Listen to this article

Michael Siebenaler: Virtual Reality (VR) is an important new frontier, and all of the big three could form partnerships with companies. It’ll only be successful with quality stories, otherwise it’s just a hot-cold fad that comes in and out every few years, but cannot sustain gaming companies.

New to Gaming? Which System Should You Buy?

Of course, most people don’t think long-term anymore, so video games will always be driven some “passing fancies”. I have always appreciated the backwards compatible, multi-functional, and forward thinking game hardware, accessories, and software.

I really admired how Nintendo kept fighting, circled their wagons and built some amazing games this year to bring the Wii U back from low participation (in the U.S.). Now they have a very promising game release calendar coming up including this spring’s fun precursor to FPSs – Splatoon!

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So there you have it. I think I am probably going to go with a PS4, but what about you? If you are a gamer, how would you answer my six questions?

If you are new to gaming, which system has made the biggest impression on you?

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