ZAGG Pocket is a Smartphone and Tablet Keyboard for People on the Go

Between my iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad, I am finding myself using my MacBook less and less, and while I am pretty good at typing on the screen having a keyboard with me is a huge productivity boost. The ZAGG Pocket Keyboard is a great way to do just that. Best of all, it folds up and is tiny!

ZAGG Pocket

I’ve tried foldable keyboards before and always been disappointed. Inevitably the offerings weren’t only too small to use comfortably but they were also too flimsy for the type of keyboard-banging typing I do. Not so the ZAGG Pocket. This keyboard is 85% the size of a desktop keyboard and is amazingly solid. It is so solid that, once you begin using it, you will likely forget that it folds up into a package that is just 9” X 2.5” X .5”. 


Here’s what ZAGG has to say about it:

The ZAGG Pocket wireless Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and iPad is the easiest, on-the-go solution to smartphone typing. Delivering over 85% the size of a desktop keyboard, the Pocket maintains fast, natural typing, and then folds into a compact, protective case that easily fits into pockets and purses. And, unlike other folding keyboards, the Pocket folds between lines of keys to preserve comfortable key spacing so you can get more done, naturally.



The trick to the Pocket is that while other folding keyboards space keys awkwardly to accommodate the folding nature of the device, the Pocket folds between rows of keys. This lets it maintain the familiar spacing we are all used to. And since the Pocket maintains over 85% the typing space of a traditional keyboard it didn’t take me long to adjust to using it. 


Add in the fact that the keyboard folds up to be just 9” X 2.5” X .5” and you will quickly realize that it is thin enough to go everywhere. As the company puts it, “Just slide it into a pocket or purse and go knowing the most portable solution to mobile typing is ready when you are.”



  • Natural: The Pocket maintains over 85% the typing space of a desktop keyboard.
  • Compact: A unique design allows the Pocket to fold into a simple 9” X 2.5” X .5” rectangle 
  • Smart: Strong magnets keep the Pocket folded and help maintain battery life by automatically turning it off when closed.


Add in the fact that the keyboard even has a built-in stand for your smartphone and you have the perfect solution if the iPhone 6 Plus is your only device. Yes, this keyboard lets you travel light AND be super productive. And while it doesn’t have all the specialty keys we see on many keyboards designed for smartphones and tablets, in my use of the ZAGG Pocket I didn’t find myself missing them at all. 

Here’s a look on camera:

I loved using the keyboard when I went to Boca Raton Florida last week. It was on my return trip home that I discovered the biggest flaw with this sub-$70 keyboard… it folds up into such a small package that it is… and in my case was… easy to leave behind. I like it enough that I’ll be purchasing one as soon as it is available and in stock. You can learn more here

Source: Manufacturer supplied sample of the ZAGG Pocket

What I Like: Folds up into a tiny package; Folds out to become a truly useful keyboard; Has smartphone stand build in

What Needs Improvement: Doesn’t ship with a case; Easy to lose

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