Atmospheir Is the Fastest Way to Communicate on Your iPhone

I’ve been beta testing an upcoming contacts app for smartphones by the name of Atmospheir that is geared towards making your contact book more reliable.

Atmospheir Is the Fastest Way to Communicate on Your iPhone


Created by a group from Brooklyn, NY, Atmospheir is meant for lasting connections with your contacts by using one personalized ID. You can log in using Facebook, or just by your phone number to set up. Originally the app debuted in the App Store last year, but was pulled in efforts to change bugs and make it function better.

Atmospheir’s premise is to manage your contacts using a single ID/username. You can have coworkers, friends, family, you name it. Even if they have Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn accounts, there is a place for that information as well.

When you give someone your Atmospheir ID, you pretty much give up all of your contact details including your social network handles, which is handy if you want to make sure you have all contact details without having to be asked for them. You never deal with having to ask “What’s your Twitter?”, it’s all right there for you.

Have you ever been out at a happy hour, or a work function and saved a number for someone and couldn’t remember where you met them? There’s a “introductions” feature that allows you to type in where and how you met that contact. This is a very handy feature being a writer and always running into someone new. Included in the app is a built-in messaging feature that lets you send pre-made messages as well.

Atmospheir Is the Fastest Way to Communicate on Your iPhone

If you’d like to beta test Atmospheir, hop on down to their site today and request an invite.

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