Now You Can Stop Those Verizon SuperCookies That Have Been Tracking You

Just a few months back, Verizon received some criticism for using “cookies” that allowed its marketing partners to see what websites that you viewed and what pages you just so happen to stay on for an extended period of time.

Starting this week there is a way to avoid your web browsing being tracked, and getting that privacy back that you probably thought that you had.

Now You Can Stop Those Verizon SuperCookies That Have Been Tracking You

That data is pretty much money in Verizon’s hand, and even more so for the people who decide they want to attempt to sell you things. Well reportedly there is now a way to cease those “SuperCookies“.

Customers can now opt-out of the advertising program (that they never opted for in the first place). There has always been the ability to opt out of the Mobile Relevant Advertising program, but the way it was set up, it could take the company months to actually complete your opt-out. Debra Lewis, a Verizon spokeswoman stated in an email reply to eWeek that the new UIDh blocking system is available to customers via requests:

“Our systems have been changed so that we automatically stop inserting the UIDH for customers who opt out of our Relevant Mobile Advertising program or activate a line that is ineligible for our advertising programs,” such as government or enterprise lines, which are not subject to the company’s ad programs, wrote Lewis. “Verizon takes customer privacy seriously and it is a central consideration as we develop new products and services.”

The SuperCookies got their name because are a unique identifier placed on your phone that are virtually impossible to remove. For someone who values their privacy, I never requested my information to be sold to the highest bidder in the first place. Allowing third-party advertisers the ability to track my movements and not giving me the opportunity to at least know these things was wrong in the first place.

Now You Can Stop Those Verizon SuperCookies That Have Been Tracking You

If you value you’re privacy and want to opt out of the Verizon advertising program, you can visit their privacy settings page, or call 1-866-211-0874.

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