Is Graze Worth the Price for Healthy Snacks?

I explored  Nature Box as a way of having healthy snacks on hand. Working from home helps in that I choose what’s on hand. Graze is another healthy snacks service like Nature Box, except the default is single serving packages.  Is the service worth it?  The answer is … it depends.


Graze works by letting you pick among several different packs of snacks.  I chose the calorie count box, which has a nice balance of tasty snacks that won’t bust the belt.  You can, of course, get a sharing box which delivers the snacks in bags you can share instead of the single serve packs. You can choose to have them deliver the single serve packs, which is what I like, once a week or even less frequently if you’d like.  The bill for 4 single serve packs is $6.99 per shipment. You can also order a one time box at any time. The only thing you can’t do is select what you want.  Now, if you do get a box with something you do not like in it, you can review the snack afterwards and mark it as trash, and Graze will never send it again.


In my first box, I was sent Banana Caramel Dippers, a mix called Jelly Doughnut, a mix called Anytime Energizer and a mix called Cheese Board. If the ones I sent, I marked Anytime Energizer as trash as I am not a huge fan of walnuts.  I will eat them, but for some reason I just didn’t like this snack.  Into the trash it went.  Banana Caramel Dippers, on the other hand was my favorite and I marked it loved.  When you do this, they will send this one to you more often.

The only question I have is what if you have more than one you love?  Do you always get sent that and never get to try the others? I really did not like that there is no option to let you select what will ship in your box. I don’t mind having them auto-select at least one snack, but what if I want to make sure I get a certain snack? There’s no apparent way to do that.  That’s where these boxes fail in my opinion. Plus if you really like one of the snacks, the best you can do is hope to get a similar snack.  It’s hard to do that on some of them.  I’ve never seen anything like the Banana Caramel dippers.


Finally there is the price. The price for the 4 snack box is $6.99 per week/shipment. That is around $1.75 PER snack. The servings are also tiny.  You can pay LESS for 1 lb of Bananas, get about the same amount of calories per serving. The only way it may be worth it is if you have no way of getting out of the house to stock your cabinets with other snacks at a much cheaper price from the grocery store. If you want to try it, you can subscribe here.

Source: Personal Purchase at $6.99 to $25 per shipment

What I Like: Tasty snacks; Single Serve Packs

What Needs improvement: Price; Ships 4 snacks for $6.99

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