Aluminyze Your Photos for a Unique Look and Longer Life

So now that you have those once in a lifetime photos from your once in a lifetime vacation, what are you going to do with them? Sure, you can make them your screen saver on your personal computer or device or perhaps even render them to the wallpaper on your work screen, but Aluminyze has a better idea.

Aluminyze Your Photos for a Unique Look and Longer Life

Aluminyze/Images by David Goodspeed

Take your favorite images and display them with pride in a fashion that will have friends and family wanting to hire you as the photographer at their next big event. OK, perhaps that is overstating things a bit but with the help of Aluminyze you can have your digital images reproduced into brilliant, lifelike displays at home, at work, and even on the case of your phone.

Aluminyze has consumerized a professional printing process to turn your digital images into works of art as aluminum photo prints and the best part is they can do it for less than what a comparable paper or canvas print in a custom frame would cost. Aluminyze prints can be ordered with a built-in easel to stand alone or with a pre-attached bracket for wall hanging.

Aluminyze Your Photos for a Unique Look and Longer Life

Through a process called sublimation, Aluminyze infuses prints directly onto a sheet of aluminum. Prints can be ordered in white or silver surfaces in glossy or matte finishes. All that is required is a high-resolution digital image (above 100 dpi). The finished product features UV-coating for fade resistance and they are scratch resistant and waterproof.

Aluminyze asked for a couple of my favorite images to turn into wall hangings in addition to the 5×7 samples sent out in the press kit. In mere days I received a horizontal and vertical image for hanging on the wall, one of the coyote in the snow I captured near work a several years back and the other of a lighthouse on Pacific Coast Highway in California when we visited the wine country there in 2012. Both images were in my portfolio folder on my phone and computer and have even alternated as wallpaper and that year we handed out a couple inkjet/paper copies to family members but what returned from Aluminyze was truly spectacular. I have very few images hanging on my walls but these are now proudly on display in our house.

Aluminyze Your Photos for a Unique Look and Longer Life

In addition to the finish choices, customers can also choose from a host of sizes and shapes up to 40”x60” rectangularly now and prints can be ordered with floating wall mount or edge mount, or with an easel or pedestal. And because of the durability factor Aluminyze prints can be displayed outdoors for that fabulous party patio or relaxation zone.

Overall, the Aluminyze print process is pretty amazing and it beats the heck out of images I was spitting out of my “photo quality” inkjet printer here in my home office. Not to mention how long your great images will last once they’ve been “Aluminyzed.” For more information visit the website at If you don’t have a great photo of your own you can select from some the large collection of stock images on the Aluminyze website and get those in your choice of size, finish, etc. Aluminyze also offers a sample pack of four images in the different finish choices to guide you in making your decision about whether to Aluminyze or not.

Aluminyze Your Photos for a Unique Look and Longer Life

Shot of one of the sample images in Aluminum/matte finish


You can learn more about the Aluminyze Photo Printing Process here!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Choice of finishes and mounting options; Durability; Resistance to fading, environment

What Needs Improvement: Have not found anything that needs improving

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