HybridLight Lantern/Flashlight Perfect for your Next Adventure

When preparing for a camping trip or backpacking adventure one thing that is key to consider is weight. Keeping the load light will extend the distance your feet (and back) will be able to endure each day. The HybridLight expandable lantern and flashlight from Cellular Outfitter is an item that you need on your next adventure.

HybridLight Lantern/Flashlight Perfect for your Next Adventure

Cellular Outfitter HybridLight/Images by David Goodspeed

The HybridLight is a 3-in-1 device that folds to a fairly compact size and is relatively lightweight. It does have a rechargeable battery inside but there is a solar panel so the device can be recharged “off the grid” every day you are not near electricity. The unit expands into a nice 75 lumen lantern or can be used as a flashlight when compacted. There is a foldaway hook on one end for hanging inside a tent or camper and a USB outlet will charge your cellphone as well.

HybridLight Lantern/Flashlight Perfect for your Next Adventure

There are two brightness settings for the lantern/flashlight and the unit can be powered by the supplied micro USB cable, from the built-in solar panel (a red LED tells you if there is enough light to recharge the device), or from a separate battery pack you keep back at basecamp. The HybridLight features a rugged case that is water resistant and the manufacturer boasts that stored power can last up to 7 years with the lantern offering 8 hours of light at night.

HybridLight Lantern/Flashlight Perfect for your Next Adventure

Conveniently there are rubber feet on each side of the device so it will not slide around when placed on a smooth surface either for use or recharging. I set it on the dashboard of my vehicle to recharge while driving during the daytime. I like the open end hook that allows hanging inside the tent or dining fly but I would like to see a clip so that the unit can hang on the outside of a backpack and recharge while hiking during the daylight.

HybridLight Lantern/Flashlight Perfect for your Next Adventure

The HybridLight is $49.99 MSRP but Cellular Outfitter has it listed on the website for $29.99.

What is it: HybridLight expandable lantern and flashlight (review sample provided by manufacturer).

What I like: Multi-purpose uses; solar or electric recharging; lightweight, perfect for backpacking.

What can be improved: Add a clip to hang on outside of backpacks.

Website: www.CellularOutfitter.com

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