Apple Launches iSight Camera Replacement Program for Your iPhone 6 Plus

If by chance you were in the small group of iPhone 6 Plus purchasers that have a faulty iSight rear camera, you’ll be happy to know that today Apple launched a program that might put a new iSight Camera in your hand, free of charge.

First reported by our friends over at iDownloadBlog, Apple posted their new iSight Camera Replacement program exclusively for any iPhone 6 Plus purchased between September of 2014 and January of this year. The defect itself ends up making the images you capture come out blurry. The Cupertino company states that if you’re eligible, they will replace your device’s iSight camera component, free of charge.


There’s no mention on what Apple will do in the event a later purchased phone with the same malfunctions, but if you somehow do have a faulty device, you can always contact Apple’s Customer Service, or simply walk into an Apple Store (this will NOT work at your local service provider). Again, do not expect to walk out with a brand new phone, as this is only for your 6 Plus, as the iPhone 6 does not have this issue. Also, if you’re phone is damaged in any way, such as a cracked screen, you’ll have to fix that before Apple fixes your camera.

Check out Apple’s Support Page for more information here.

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