How to View the “Blood Moon” Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Even though you’re currently looking at your smartphone or some device reading this article, you should point your phones upward tonight, and capture one of the most stunning sights in the sky tonight.

Declared the “Big Red Moon”, the superman, and lunar eclipse will join together for the first time in 30 years later on this evening! This is certainly something that you don’t want to miss, since the next time you’ll have the opportunity to will not happen until 2033.


Visible at different points of the night, if you are on the east coast, it peaks at around 10pm EST. The previous eclipse occurred in 1982, so be sure to get your telescopes and cameras out early.

Photo credits to The Washington Post

Photo credits to The Washington Post

If you are looking for specific times to view the eclipse you can check Time & Date to get an accurate estimate.

If You are not able to view personally, you can watch online courtesy of our friends over at

Will you be looking out for the big red moon this evening? We promise, it won’t burn your corneas!

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