EyeFi’s Cloud Program Is for the Photographer Always on the Go

You’re not always going to have your laptop there with you when it’s time to back up those important photos you took over the weekend, so why not try cloud storage? If you’re a fan of the WiFi camera, one thing you’ll rely on is the ability to give serious photographers, especially those of them with two or more cameras, the ability to do away with the gruesome switching of SD cards and cables.

If this is you, then you’ve probably heard of a little company by the name of EyeFi, right?

Well Eyefi isn’t just a little company. The global leader in digital photo–management apps and services wants to make life a bit easier for you photographers with their app that features a service to manage all of your photos and videos from multiple devices.

The EyeFi Cloud app supports the most recent WiFi cameras from multiple leading manufacturers, so there’s no need to use a combination of different apps to transfer photos to a computer. With most of those apps possibly ruining the integrity of your photo, it’s easy to decide that EyeFi is certainly the way to go!

EyeFi's Cloud Program Is for the Photographer Always on the Go

Matt DiMaria, chief executive officer, said:

“Eyefi is the only photo-management solution that works from the moment of capture, automatically transferring and organising all photos into a unified and organized collection, regardless of which camera they originated.”


He continued on stating:

“For the first time, photographers now have a single app and cloud service that elegantly manages what they shoot on every camera they use. With the Eyefi Cloud as their media hub, photographers can spend more time taking and enjoying photos, and zero time messing with cables and a patchwork quilt of desktop and mobile apps,”

So what exactly can the EyeFi Cloud app do for you? A whole lot more than Google Photos that’s for sure:

  • Wireless photo transfer from any digital camera or smartphone.Eyefi’s smartphone and tablet apps automatically transfer new images and videos captured using any device, including digital cameras equipped with an Eyefi Mobi card, smartphones and tablets, or the latest generation of WiFi-enabled digital cameras. With Eyefi, photographers never have to connect their cameras to their computers.
  • One unified and intelligently organized photo collection.Images from every device (even photos stored on a computer) are consolidated into one collection in the cloud, organized by date and time, and always available. Advanced image analysis automatically classifies and indexes photos by location, device, lens, aperture, speed or any of 10 categories and 80 sub-categories — making it easy to find, enjoy, edit or share images, no matter where you are.
  • Automatic backup to both the cloud and to any local device. The best of both worlds: combined cloud and desktop storage. Eyefi gives photographers complete control over how and where they store and archive their photos. Eyefi desktop apps can be configured to automatically archive locally (for example on network storage) any new image transferred to Eyefi Cloud from an Eyefi mobile app. Users control where their original images are stored: on the WiFi SD card in their camera, on their mobile device, in the cloud, and on their desktop — eliminating any possibility of an image being lost or damaged.
  • Every photo, accessible from any device. Eyefi Cloud optimizes presentation of high-resolution images for each device, ensuring fast display and minimizing local storage requirements. Images on smartphones and tablets are stored in a local, synchronized database that can be viewed even when the device is “airplane mode.” At last, the photographer’s entire photo collection is available for viewing, curating, editing and sharing — anytime, anywhere.
  • Resolution is never compromised. Eyefi transfers original-resolution photos and videos from the camera to the mobile device or desktop to the cloud keeping them safe and secure and always accessible for download at any time.

Luckily for you, Eyefi WiFi camera connectivity is available for free to Eyefi Cloud customers HERE. For a list of supported WiFi cameras, see Eyefi WiFi cameras.

Eyefi Cloud memberships are $4.99/month for unlimited photos and up to 300 videos/month with a maximum length of 15 minutes per video. All Eyefi Mobi Pro cards include one year of Eyefi Cloud membership and are available starting at $69.99.

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