Amazon Fire Tablet is On Sale at An Impulse Buy Price of $39.99!

The Amazon Fire Tablet has been an affordable tablet since it debuted at $49.99. Today they’re making it even cheaper and more irresistible for only $39.99! How cheap is that? Well, let’s see what else $40 could and could not get you…


$40 could get you a Fire Tablet, which plays Amazon Prime videos, and allows you to download them for offline use. Not to mention the Amazon App Store, Amazon Underground Apps [free apps, no ads or in-app purchases], Kindle Freetime for parental controls…basically, a media tablet that you can use and abuse without worrying about killing an expensive investment. Our toddler currently uses an original Kindle Fire to watch videos and play games on long car rides, and when/if that one finally dies, we would rather hand him a cheap Fire than risk either of our iPads!

Still, $40 could get you some other cool stuff…

  • Two official Apple lightning connectors
  • 90% of the cost of an Otterbox for an iPad Mini
  • Approximately 20 gallons of gas.
  • A shirt from The Gap.
  • 2 IMAX tickets to see Deadpool
  • Dinner at the Olive Garden
  • A Chromecast
  • A few cases of that really good beer you like. You know, the one you had at that hole in the wall place, and you just saw the local liquor store had a bunch of variety packs…
  • Two movie downloads in HD from Amazon.

So that’s really what it costs to get a tablet that can surf the web, play games, read books, and play movies. You can have one by skipping one dinner out, buying your shirt from Old Navy instead of the Gap, and drinking Coors Light(Note: Gear Diary does not actually advocate the purchase or consumption of Coors Light, unless being used to put out a fire or insult your worst enemy.) The point is, this is really and truly impulse territory, for a tablet with a solid ecosystem behind it.

If you think you might want a throwaway backup tablet, or you’re looking to set your kids up with a simple device, at $39.99 today is the day to jump on an Amazon Fire!


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