Alcatel Announces The First Windows 10 Phone for T-Mobile

There have been plenty of rumors this week regarding whether or not ALCATEL would release their Windows 10 Phone at some point this week.

Well it’s official. As of Wednesday, February 10th, ALCATEL ONETOUCH announced that T-Mobile will be receiving it’s first Windows 10 Smartphone in the Fierce XL, for the price of $139.99.

Alcatel Announces The First Windows 10 Phone for T-Mobile

President & General Manager for ALCATEL ONETOUCH Steve Cistulli states:

“As the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in North America, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has continued to grow rapidly in the U.S. mobile marketplace by offering consumers the perfect amount of more when it comes to their mobile technology. We’re showcasing that today with the launch of our first Windows 10 smartphone – the Fierce XL™ with Windows 10 Mobile – now available at T-Mobile stores nationwide. We will remain committed to the Windows 10 Mobile platform and are excited to be able to bring this seamless Windows 10 experience to our customers.”

The stylish smartphone not only boasts Windows 10, but also has a large 5.5” HD display for streaming and browsing, and is blazing fast courtesy of T-Mobile’s LTE date speeds coupled with the Fierce XL’s quad core processor. With an 8MP autofocus rear facing camera and 2MP HD front facing camera, both your selfies and your scenic photos will come out beautifully. Did I mention that T-Mobile also offers up Wi-Fi Calling so if you are connected to Wi-Fi, you won’t ever have to deal with cellular reception.

Alcatel Announces The First Windows 10 Phone for T-Mobile

This is a great deal that you should attempt to get today, so why not head over to T-Mobile today and get yourself the Fierce XL, exclusively on!

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